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Sunday, August 29, 2010

As A Freshman

Hello there! What's up? I'm really really sorry for the late of updating this blog. There were so many things I had to do, moreover, I've just finished college orientation as a freshman in Airlangga University, Faculty of English Letter.

Seriously, the college orientation programme made me TIRED! Moreover, I couldn't bring my cellphone two days ago :( But eventhough tired, I enjoyed it so much! I could know new people, either from the same class or different class with me. We were in a group, and I'm so happy to know them as my friends :)

Actually my group's trainer shooted some pictures of us,but he captured it with his cellphone camera, so I couldn't upload it now :( I hope he'll upload it in facebook and tag us at the photo, so I can show you the picture :)

From now on, I hope I can be a better person. I hope I can do the best in my college life. I hope I can fulfil my targets, and reach the goals. Hope I can make my parents proud with me, and be a better person for people around me! Hwaiting! :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

High School Life

Last night I've watched a movie titled Sky High. That's teenagers movie which producted by Disney, but I enjoy it because this movie is entertain enough. It's told about Will Stronghold, a boy whose parents was Superheroes, and his high school life in Sky High. There was so many great dialogues there, about high school life, friendship, etc. Moreover, as teenagers we have to know how to use 'our power' wisely, how to make a friend, and which friend's the best for us.

Layla: What's embarrasing him in front of the entire class going to prove? That is so unfair.
Will Stronghold: Yeah, well if life were to suddenly get fair, I doubt it would happen in high school.

Principal Powers: In a few moments, you will go through Power Placement and your own heroic journey will begin.
Will Stronghold: Power Placement?
Layla: Sounds fascist.
Ethan: Power Placement. It's how they decide where you go.
Magenta: The hero track or the loser track.
Will Stronghold: There - there's a loser track?
Ethan: I believe the preferred term is "Hero Support."

Will Stronghold: My parents are the greatest superheroes on the planet. Everybody expects greatness from me.
Layla: Well, you are great.
Will Stronghold: Thanks.
Layla: OK, so you're a sidekick. It's not the end of the world. When life gives you lemons...
Will Stronghold: Make apple juice?
Layla: I can't make lemons.I don't know what it is.
Will Stronghold: Yeah but see, no, you have an awesome power and you could have made hero easy.
Layla: I'm not into labels.
Will Stronghold: But why would you choose to be a sidekick?
Layla: Because I think the whole thing is stupid. Dividing people into groups like that.

Mr. Medulla: Dreadful technique! You've confused rays with beams! D! Minus! I'd give you an F, but that would only mean having to see you in summer school.

Gwen: Well you've got new friends now. And I think that you need to figure out whether you hang out with us - or with those losers. Come on, let's go.
Will Stronghold: No, forget it! I'm not going anywhere with you. Not now, and not to homecoming. Might as well just find yourself a new date, Gwen.
Gwen: You're dumping me? Whoa whoa, let's just get something straight, ok? *You* do not dump *me*! Not the night before the dance!
Will Stronghold: Sorry Gwen, I, ah, just *did*! You're dumped!

Layla: [after getting punched in the face by Penny] Big mistake!
[Penny backs away slightly and then Layla uses her powers to grow vines in the cafeteria; the vines then grow over Penny and her clones and pull them up in the air]
Penny: But I thought you were a sidekick.
Layla: I am a sidekick.

Will Stronghold: In the end, my girlfriend became my arch enemy, my arch enemy became my best friend, and my best friend became my girlfriend. But, hey, it's high school.

Well..maybe that have ever happened with you. Nervous in the first day of school, got problems with your friends, broke up with your boy/girlfriend, got detention from your teacher,etc. But that was high school life. So what if you were a loser or an idol in your school? Will it be immortal in your life? Life will be on your side if you work hard. Whatever you’ve ever got in high school, you must get up from the past, learning from your experience and try to be a better person.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back To The Kitchen

Yep, as I told you before, I did many food experiments in this holiday. How can I just stay at home without do something? So my friends and I decide to cook (again!)in my house. We did some foods which easy enough to cook, like spaghetti and pudding. And as usual, cooking is really fun, moreover if you did it with your friends!


look at this one! That's all our food material, but finally we just use spaghetti, instant pudding, nata de coco, and the dragon fruit ;p

First, we made the spaghetti. It was pretty easy, remember that we use instant materials, include the sauce ;p


We added something in our sauce lhoo, like sausage and kani roll


Finished with the spaghetti and pudding, we made some drinks. We made it from the dragon fruit and nata de coco


VOILA! These foods created by us :)


just so you know, the sauce taste was DELICIOUS :)



Ehmm..by the way when we cooked,it seems that there was someone who really happy each time I shoted him


TADADAAAA!!! this is the person! It seems that he always realize whenever the camera shoted him, right? (sorry eka.. ;p)


he still could smile lhoo, even he still busy with the dishes (once again, sorry kaa ;p)


actually, what have they done? cut the sausage? or something else? (huuaaaa...sorry ekaa,naning.. ;p)

Anyway, the cooking activity was so fun! We kept the other materials to our next food experiment :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm Lovin' It..


when my camera meets the sunset

location : Taman Makam Pahlawan

shooted by me

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

5 Reasons Why I Love Kids

Maybe if you have known me in a long time, or some people who close with me,you’ve known that I’m the one person who always happy if I found a funny kid around me. No matter where I am, who’s with me there, or what the kids did, if they were funny or they movements interesting me, at that time I’ll watching the kids and laugh. Sometimes I will yell if I was too excited with some kids. Maybe you think that it’s too much if I always happy when there was funny kids around me, but.. what can I do? I love them,hahaa!

Okaay, you can call me paedophilia or something like that,but..here I am..nyiahahaa :D Moreover,there are some reasons why I love kids ‘til now :

1.It’s habitual for me to have kids around me since i was young. Do you remember when I said that I’m the oldest grandchild in my family? I’m the oldest and this condition have made me as “the only child in the family” for a while, until my oldest cousin was born. I was very happy at that time, I wont be lonely anymore! Finally my cousin move on to Bogor with her parents. But I was happy because my lil brother was born then, continuing with Nunud and Ciput :D


My lil brother Ghulam & Nunud


Hi, what did you see, Ciput?

2.They can refresh my mind. There was the time when I exhausted with all of my activity in school, or stressed out because of the school examination. If I felt like that, I’ll go to my Grandma’s house, which next to my house, then I’ll play with Ciput and Nunud. Sometimes they come to my house too, and they always boost my mood up again with their cuteness. They are still completely innocent!


Nunud with her fairy costume LOL . This photo taken when she was 4 years old

3.They remind me with my childhood. Sometimes as kids, they could do something annoyed, like scribbled down the wall, yelled and cried at their parents because they wanna something, etc. But they always respond happily if their mom come home and brought some gifts for them, ask you to accompanying them if they want to go to the toilet, etc. I’m being sulky for a while if they annoyed me, then I realized that I have ever being one of them in a long time a go

4.Just so you know, it’s guilty pleasure for me when I could make them laugh. When I played with Nunud or Ciput, I always try to make them happy. I often made a funny face at them. They like it, especially Ciput who still 2 years old


My Grandma & Ciput. Look at Ciput's laugh! :D If i'm not wrong, this photo taken when Ciput still 1 years old

5.Indirectly, they taught me how to control my emotion. You must face their naughtiness patiently, try to calm down them when they felt angry or crying, read some story books for them, etc. Although we tired, we have to do it happily for them, and after we do that, it was so happy when look at their smile, or watch them sleep tightly

So, being a-kids-lover isn’t wrong,right? Hehee.. How can I ignored them after all of that? Hehee.. Moreover, there’s the time in the future where we have to keep our child right? Hahahaaa.. nothing wrong if we try to understanding them right now. It’s good if we can match with the kids level, so they can be so close with us :)