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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Faces Of The Sky


Don't know when the first time I started to love the sky. I love to watch the sunrise. When I was a kid, I like to see the clouds in the sky and I was thinking,"Can I touch it? Is it like cotton? Can I go up and sit there?". Until now, I still love to watch the clouds. For me, sky have many faces. Sometimes they smile in the morning, greeting us to start that day. Sometimes they angry to us who never care about the nature. Sometimes they are crying while watching the situation of our field. The sky is like us who can express our feeling. For me, by seeing the expression of the sky we can explore our imagination more and more. And it's a guilty pleasure for me when I could take a pict of it.



all photos are taken by me :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Hard To Say.. Goodbye..

Have you ever thought that every hello ends with goodbye? Well, maybe every people have realized it. But, honestly,are you ready to face the farewell in front of you?

Sometimes saying goodbye is the hardest thing you think you'll ever have to do. You have someone who makes you comfort when you beside him/her. You two always laugh together, do some crazy things, sharing each other, even solve problems and cry together. And one day you face a stumbling block called farewell.

Have you been ready to face it? Can you be strong and let person you loved go?

You have make sure that you are strong enough to say goodbye. There's no something eternal in this life, eventhough friendship and love life. We have to know that sooner or later we will be separated with people we loved, and we have to accept the truth. Sometimes you have to let something go to see if there was anything worth holding on to. And from that farewell you can learn to be a stronger person. Don't let your tears fall when he/she said goodbye. You have to smile, and make him/her sure that everything's gonna be okay. There's the time when you'll meet with the person you loved again. When will it happen again? Only God who knows about it. But you have to believe that God have His plan for you and for him/her.

A Little Surprise From A Big Box Called Life

We’ll never know what will happen in our life. Maybe we used to like ice cream, but because of cough, we can’t enjoy the ice cream anymore. Or maybe we used to like to go to some places with special people in our life, but because of something wrong between that people and us, makes us don’t want to go there again.

Sometimes we think that we’ve really known some people in a long time, maybe our friends or our boy/girlfriend. But because of something, eventhough we didn’t do it on purpose, it can makes missunderstanding between us, and make our relationship get worse. And then they start to talk something bad about us, without we know what our fault is. When you’ve tried to explain them about what actually happened but they didn’t want to hear you, you’ve to realize that was a part of life.

Life is full with surprise. Sometimes we get sweet experiences which make us smile, laugh and happy. But sometimes we get bad, bitter experiences which make us angry, tired, and cry. You have to remember that you can get hurt easily by people around you, eventhough you think you’ve known him/her really well. A nice people not always do something nice to us everytime. All you have to do is just be strong. Take the wisdom from it. We have to remember that every people have different attitude, and we have to face every problems in front of us. Remember, God is the supreme uncreated light of which Wisdom is born, but there was never a time when God's Wisdom did not exist.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Waiting For...

Well, it was a long time ago since the latest time I’ve updated my blog, wasn’t it? I’m so sorryyyy for the late updating. There were so many things that have to be done. I’ve just finished my final tests, and I wish I can get good mark >.<

After done all of that stuffs, I feel really exhausted. It’s not just because I’m bored of many homeworks and tests (but I have to did it, right?). There were so many things which disturbed my mind, either it about college stuffs or personal problems. I believe that every problems can be solved if we try and be optimist, but have you ever felt tired after you waiting of something that you really want?
Have you ever felt giving up for something? Maybe at first you want to join one of your favourite university, but because you failed in the enter test, you have to satisfy with your second option. Or have you ever being ignored by someone you loved, so you gave up to get some attention from him/her?

It was a usual thing if you are being tired after a long waiting, but it doesn’t mean the end of the world when you can’t reach what you want, right? You have to believe that there is a wisdom behind every failure you got. Maybe God have prepared something better for you. Just believe that God have His best plan for you and accept it with all of your heart. And don’t be regret of what you did in the past because there’s nothing useless if you have tried hard to reach something. Think positively that you can get some experience from your failure, so don’t give up! One day you’ll look behind and say,”Thank’s God because you’ve given me meaningful experience which make me stronger than before”. Be strong and believe that God knows the best thing for you.