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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good Stuffs For My Holiday

Bicara soal manusia yang tidak pernah puas, kalau boleh jujur saya sendiri merasa KURANG PUAS dengan liburan-saya-yang-teramat-panjang. Repot memang, waktu zaman masih sekolah pingin rasanya ngerasain libur panjang.. Dapat jatah libur satu hari saja udah sujud syukur. Eh, giliran dapat libur super-duper-panjang malah bosan. Mau jalan- jalan sama teman-teman, kalau tiap hari rasanya nggak mungkin juga. Buat saya itu sama aja dengan bunuh diri ketika liburan, mengingat waktu liburan saya nggak dapet uang bulanan seperti halnya waktu sekolah, jadi sebisa mungkin saya harus menghemat uang saya. Tapi kalau di rumah nganggur terus juga bosen. Untungnya di rumah pun masih banyak hal yang bisa saya lakukan untuk mengisi waktu luang :D


Thank's to Putri who lent me her COOL books. What a GREAT books!! I love both of them :D


A BIG BIG hug to my Minnie lappie, my external hard disk (whooaa.. I can save many movies and videos there), and my DVDs which always boosting my mood and entertain me




Yup, I did a little food experiments along holiday. I did it with my friends. Sometimes cooking can boost your mood up. Eventhough it just a simple food, if we cooked happily, we'll get delicious foods (ehm..yang ini tak selalu berlaku sih -____-). Moreover it will be nice if we eat it with our friends :)

By the way, there was a little dialogue which remembering me with cooking moment with my friends.
James: You know the thing about good food? It brings folks together from all walks of life. It warms them right up and it puts little smiles on their faces. And when I open up my own restaurant, I tell you, people are gonna line up for miles around, just to get a taste of my food.
Young Tiana: *Our* food!
James: [chuckles] That's right, baby. Our food.
(Tiana & Her Dad - The Princess & The Frog)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Can You Hide Your Love?


Hee Jin : If you put a knife back into it's pouch, the light shining from it can be hidden, but no matter how hard you try to hide someone's heart, it will still shine

Yoo Chun : Showing someone your heart doesn't always result into love

(Lady Hee Jin & Yoo Chun - The Masked Fencer)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Every People Got One


Actually I’ve got this question in a very loong time ago, at English Conversation Test at the end of my 12th grade. But i think it'll be great to share it with all of you. My teacher give us some topics and we have to choose one of them to discuss it in front of the class. Don’t know why, I was interesting with the last topic : “Which One Do You Prefer? A Hard Worker Or A Good Luck Person?

Personally I prefer a hard worker rather than a good luck person. I believe that everything in this world have their own process. A mother needs 9months to give birth to her baby. A baby needs process to become an adult person too. And so does our successful, either at education, work, friendship, everything.

I believe that God have prepared His best way to us, but how we can reach the successful, it depend with us. If we study hard and always pray to God, He will grant our wish and give the best for us. Moreover, I believe that a hard worker is more accepted than a person who just have a good luck.

But sometimes, God has His own way to us. A smart and diligent student not always get a good school easily. A man who work hard all the times not always get much money. Sometimes we failed to reach our dreams, but we must thinking positively. Maybe there’s the other way which better for us and we’ll have more time to prepare it. Just believe that God will give His best for us, and if we think that a good luck person doesn’t need any effort to reach her/his dream, you wrong. There’s no successfulness which reached without effort. Remember that life is like wheels. Sometimes you are on top, sometimes you’re at the bottom, and it happened with everyone. Believe it. Every people have their own way, and we have to do the best we can to reach the best with our way.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Say It! Before It’s Too Late!

A few days ago I’ve got this video from my friend. This video told about two person who unintentionally lived at the same apartment. As the time goes by, they fell in love each other, but because of misunderstanding their relationship become awkward. But it’s ending happily, they realized that they still loved each other and fixed their relationship.

I’ve watched this video, and it was remembering me with Salad Days.


There’s a story at this comic which has similarity with Gummy’s video above. It’s told about Kamiyama Yuuki and Kawamura Futaba who lived at the same apartment too. They loved each other, but because of misunderstanding too, they broke up.


They realize that they still loved each other, but they thought it’s too late to apologize and reneged their feeling.


Both of those are love story, but why they have different end? The answer’s so simple : HONESTY. Honesty is important, not just in a relationship, but also in daily life, eventhough it’s just a little things, we have to do it honestly. No matter what the truth is, even if that’s a good or ugly truth. It will be better if you tell what you feel now, or you will regret with your decision. Remember, you can’t rewind your life like you rewind a tape recorder. So if you still have a chance to tell the truth, say it! Don’t be afraid with people reaction with your confession, because a lie just comes back and beats you down eventually and you’ll lose credibility. Say what you feel now, before it’s too late.

Thank’s to Putri who give me Gummy’s video. What a sweet video, and this video inspired me to write this post :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

One Day Photosession With Ciput

There’s a time when we wanna talk about our family, either it’s about our family’s experience or our feeling with our family. Maybe I never talked about my family before. So I think I wanna share something bout my family now. Okay, are you ready to meet my family? :D

Just so you know, I’m the oldest child in my family, and the oldest granddaughter too. I have one little brother and four cousins, and two of my cousins are still kids. They are Prasinta Hari Nadia (Nunud) and Puja Hari Risnadi (Ciput). They are siblings, but they’re so different, especially in front of the camera. Ciput is more photogenic than his sister, and it’s easier to take his picture. Like this Saturday morning, I have some photosession with Ciput, and it’s really fun!


proudly introduces Ciput! He's so cute, isn't he? :)



He's funny, but sometime he confused us because of his naughty attitude. Like in this photo


but whatever Ciput did, we all love him :)


look! the little girl in front of the computer is Nunud. She played games seriouslly, and Ciput always follow wherever the camera go


location : Home sweet Home

in these photos : ciput, nunud and me

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nothing Wrong With Being Unique


God created us in this world with the different characteristic. There’s a person who looks so perfect : good looking, smart brain, popular, and have many friends. There’s the other person who called “the average one” : average looks, average brain, nerd, and unknown. Every people have their own capability and inability, and all of them created with differences, intentionally by God.

God create the differences, so we can complete each other. Be different doesn’t mean that you make some mistake. You don’t need to be afraid if you choose to go to the library and read some books there rather than watch basketball match in your school yard. You don’t need to be afraid if you choose spend your Saturday night at home with many DVDs while many persons spend their night at night club or shopping all the time. It’s not mean that you’re freak just because you prefer to read suspense thriller book rather than romance. And don’t be afraid if you feel comfort with your-casual–style while many girls try to look like a supermodel with minnie skirt, ruffle dress, and stiletto. Don't follow them just because you wanna looks like them. Remember, something looks good for someone not always looks good for you too.



Each person has their own unique side, and as long if people not disturbed by your unique side, you’re free to explore it.


Maybe at first, it’s hard to be different from the others. But someday you’ll know that your differences will usefull for your life. The key is just be yourself, because the one who really know about you are yourself. And the fact, it’s really fun if you realize how preciouse you are, and there’s nothing wrong with being different with the others :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

You’re Still My Best :’)


friendship is not just the name of an
ordinary feeling. but it is the name of the feelings of understanding, honesty and frankness between two persons. and these feelings keep the two very special persons bounded together and such a friendship lies in two of us.

(Sahar Ashraf)

That was me, with my old friend, Firyal Ilona. She’s my best friend since we was in Junior High School. We studied at the different Senior High School, and got busy with our duty at school. But we still keep contact, and sometime, if we have spare time we’ll visit each other’s home, or hanging out just to share our experience in school. It was 5 years ago since our first meeting, at school’s orientation. We started it with plastic bag, and don’t know why we could be so close, hahaa.. :D We through many problems, but we always tried to solve it well and fix our friendship again.

Some people said that great friends are hard to find. Good friends will always beside you, whatever your condition. They’ll always love you just the way you are. A song said,”And a friend will not say never 'cause the welcome will not end”. Real friendship is long-lasting, whatever the condition of your friend, and it’s too precious to exchange with anything else.

Tonight, I opened my facebook account, and suddenly I read her status,”win,time goes so fast but we will still laugh for the same pretty fucking funny things,don't we? you're still my best,pal:)
It was touch me so. Thnks for being my friend, yal. I hope our friendship will be forever,hehee.. :p Wish the best for all of us!!